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Once I'm happy with the set up... I take the first neck to be machined and make the first cut , It has to be done feeding the workpiece slowly into the saw blade right up to the preset end stop,  giving the teeth time to do their work... I do all the batch like this (one side first) before I reverse the top board to machine the other side


Next I swap the board over the other way make sure the set up is correct  (again with the test piece), and repeat the process  again on the other side. 



Once both sides are cut it should look like the pictures below...cut from a nice piece of Mahogany.

All that is needed now is a clean up with a chisel to remove the swarfe from the corners (just a few seconds of handwork required)                                                        



Here is a view from another angle.




 Once I reach this stage of the setting up  I can really motor on with the production

 Here is a batch of 18 necks that have just come off the bandsaw ....Once the set up was completed, I did this lot in less than 20 minutes or less...If i had an infinate quantity to do i could have gone on all day or until the blade wore out.


Now I can go ahead and perform the rest of  shaping/profiling  the necks... knowing that the dovetails will  be a good fit when it's  time to mate them up with their body this.



View from the rear.

View from the side.


And a view from the other side